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Little Known Sex Novelties

crotchless g-stringsThere are so many sex toys available and lots are well known and much loved. Have you ever wondered if there any secret sex toys, like diamonds in the rough? Of course every person reacts differently and like a variety if sensations so not every sex toy will suit every person, but there are some sex toys that have a high happiness rate and lots of success in the bedroom and are under-rated. The following are some sex novelties and adult toys that you may want to consider trying to add the spice toy your sex life.

The first is personal lubricant. You don't usually see this in porn movies, usually the sex is raw but the reality is that wetter feels better. Add lots of lubrication to your sex and the slide and glide will give her the best orgasms and delightful feel. Use water based if you are using sex toys but if you are going condom and sex toy free, you have to try silicone lubricant. Ut doesn't not absorb into the skin like water based lubricants do so it will never get sticky, it will stay on until you wash it off with soap and eater. You can even use silicone lubricant under water, the best for foreplay in a hot tub. This will be something that neither of you will ever forget!

Next is a vibrating cock ring. These stretchy rings fit over your penis and have a vibrator that adds a great feel for her. She only feels it when you thrust inwards so the secret being the vibrating cock ring sex troy for couples is that she will crave you deep inside. Have you ever had a woman beg for you? This will do the trick. Try a wired ring, people assume that wireless is better but the truth is that the wired cock rings with separate battery packs have better power and control. Give her the controller and let her turn it up and hard and string as she wants, when she wants.

The last unknown but highly suggested sexual toys are glass sex toys. These are completely frictionless and glide really well. It's hard to explain the feel, but it is something like no other. From your point of view, se will look great as you plunge the clear glass sex toy into her. It outs on a great show. A secret is to put the vibrating cock ring onto the glass dildo, it turns it into a vibrator, not just a dildo. It will add a clitoral vibration to it and she will crave the glass sex toy deep, just like when you wear the ring.

Another great idea is to give your woman crotchless panties. This is a great gift especially if she is shy and wants to keep the lights on. It covers her just enough to make her feel comfortable but allows to to peek through, it's very naughty for both partners. Enjoy the secret sex toys and have a better sex life!



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